I suspect that like a few other readers of this blog, I was amused by the depiction of the two ufologists on last night's (23 July) 'New Tricks' programme on BBC1.

For the benefit of overseas readers, 'New Tricks' is a drama series based on the capers of three retired cops working in a department that re-investigates unsolved murders. Was the death of a scientist in a forest, murder or suicide? (Of course, there's a clear overtone of the David Kelly case here.) This is soon tied in with a mysterious crash in the forest near a US air-base, and our aging heroes are off to investigate a group of ufologists who seem to be involved in the mystery.

From my experience the characters of the ufologists were not too far removed from many people I have met in the field, with an attitude combining crankiness with an air of moral superiority. However, I'm sure that we'll start getting complaints about this adding to the 'ridicule barrier' that surrounds ufology. I think the only unrealistic portrayal was with the vast array of computers and technical equipment that the two ufologists seemed to have at their disposal.

If the Rendlesham case had happened after 2001, I am sure that the scenario which forms the core of the plotline would be widely accepted amongst conspiracy theorists. 

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