The closure of the 'UFO desk' at the Ministry of Defence has has already been welcomed by some Serious Ufologists (as they are sometimes referred to). Other Serious Ufologists are less happy about this, but mainly because it leaves them with no point of contact in the MoD to assist them in identifying the causes of some UFO reports.
It has been suggested that the reason for the closure of this small department is to save money, but the real reason is probably because that it has been decided that information received by the UFO desk is of no use for defence or national security purposes. It is less easy for potentially hostile aircraft to sneak through these days, thanks to improvements in radar and other remote sensing devices, such as satellites.

Of course, Really Serious Ufologists are aware that there is no such thing as the 'True UFO', which is 'really' an ET spacecraft, in the opinion of many American Serious Ufologists. There are undoubtedly many different causes of unsolved UFO cases, if only we knew the full and true details, and it is unlikely that any of them are of vital interest to the MoD.

By closing this facility, the MoD can dispose of a possible unnecessary distraction and source of embarrassment, and leave UFO investigation to the ufologists, serious or otherwise. -- John Harney

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  1. You say that "Really serious ufologists" are aware that true UFOs (i.e. ET craft) do not exist, but then say that "many American serious ufologists" believe they do exist. I am a bit baffled here. This implies that many, but maybe not most, of the American bunch are "serious" but not "really serious", since if they were "really serious" they ought not to be believers in ETH. Have I got that piece of logic right?

    Perhaps I am nitpicking here, but I often wonder if it is true that a greater percentage of "serious ufologists" in the USA believe in ETH than do those in the UK. I do not think a poll has ever been done to establish this (and if it were, could we trust its findings anyway?)
    Of course we would have to define a "serious ufologist" first and that would be difficult enough!

    The US closed down its equivalent to the 'MOD Desk' (Project Blue Book) in December 1969, so it is a bit surprising that it took our MOD exactly 40 years longer to do the same. But then we started a few years later, didn't we? Maybe it is a case of being 'out of step'.