31 January 2010


Here's a couple of postings from other people's blogs which might be of interest. Kentaro Mori, he's the very nice guy from Brazil who keeps Magonia's Archive site up and running, runs the 'forgetomori' blog ("Extraordinary claims, ordinary investigations" is their motto). 
Being Brazilian, naturally he's interested in the Trindade Island hoax - sorry, 'unexplained due to insufficient data' case, and has been diligently tracking down information from local sources. 

Key witness and photographer Barauna's propensity for hoaxing photographs before the Trindade incident is something that many ufologists try to downplay, or dismiss as irrelevant. However, a report detailing some of Barauna's hoaxes has been published on Tim Printy's SUNLite website, and Kentaro Mori introduces it here:
A strange story of radical misperception has appeared on the UFO Iconoclast site. They make a comparison to the Rendlesham case, and get taken to task for doing so. I must say, I can see their point. What do you think? Get the details here:

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