Witch-Hunting in England which I reviewed a few days ago. [LINK]
I have just posted a new article by Peter Rogerson on the Magonia Archive website. It follows on neatly from my review of the Pickering brothers' book,

One of the most noteworthy lessons from that book was just how trivial some of the alleged actions were, which led to accusations, prosecutions, imprisonment and sometimes death sentences. However, later in the seventeenth century  the number of cases declined, to die out altogether in the early eighteenth century, although the idea of witchcraft, maleficia and the 'evil eye' hung around in popular culture for much longer.

Peter has discovered a remarkable case from the latter half of the nineteenth century in Warrington, the town where until recently he was the local history librarian. It demonstrates how persistent such ideas were, and maybe still are, especially when we start talking about issues such as 'Satanic' conspiracies, and some of the comments floating around abductees and 'hybrids'.

Can I just point out that Magonia Online is always open to original contributions on any of the topics that we discussed in the print magazine.

You can read Peter's account of this intriguing case HERE

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