Mark Pilkington's book, The Mirage Men was published in 2010, and I reviewed it here: http://pelicanist.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/mirages-and-mirrors.html. It's essential reading for any understanding of the contemporary American UFO subculture, as well as being very funny, and quite often rather worrying.

The book was a report on the investigations that Mark and his colleague John Lundberg had been doing into the backroads of American ufological conspiracy theory, imagined, and real, government involvement and miliary double-talk. It was intended as being only the first part of a longer-term project; to create a film based around a series of interviews that Mark and John conducted with many of the strange characters - the so-called 'aviary' - involved in this bizarre world.

Mark reports that the film is now "well on its way to completion", and will be keeping us informed of developments and preview screenings. In the meantime, here's an impressive trailer which certainly makes me eager to see the finished film. Keep up with developments on Mark's Mirage Men blog here: http://miragemen.wordpress.com/

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