8 November 2014


Here's a puzzle for our eagle-eyed readers in London. The 'flying saucer' in my picture below is a decorative feature on a house somewhere in London. The first person to identify its location will win a copy of We Are Not Alone, Why We Have Already Found Extraterrestrial Life, by Dirk Schilze-Makuch, described by John Harney in his review as "a good introduction to astrobiology". 🔻

Here's a closer view from another direction:

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Well, that didn't last long, largely due to my own carelessness in not changing the names of the jpeg files before loading them onto the blog! A quick right-click on your mouse would reveal that the photograph was taken in Hammersmith, as two people have now been quick to inform me. Thanks Tom and  someone calling themselves 'blutack' (I think I know who you are!). The decorative feature shown in the picture is above the bay windows on a house on Hammersmith Upper Mall, overlooking the Thames in West London. You can see the location fully at the link below. It is the modern building to the left of the large Georgian house, Kelmscott, which houses the headquarters of the William Morris Society in the small coach-house between the two buildings.

It is a remarkable piece of decoration, and if anybody has any idea what might be behind it, we'd be very glad to hear from them.


David B said...

I wonder, did anyone have an idea as to the origins of the carving? I just walked past the property and am intrigued!

Magonia said...

I was never able to find anything further.