Over the past few months, I and a number of other people including several Magonia writers have been working on a series of short eBooks on Fortean, ufological and paranormal topics. Called UneXplained Rapid Reads (that uppercase 'X' is crucial!) They are intended to be read on a Kindle or other device, perhaps to lighten (or indeed enlighten) the morning commute. You can see the full details and list of all current and forthcoming titles at the Rapid Reads website here: http://www.unexplainedrapidreads.com/

My contributions to the series so far are an account of the mischevious 'Liverpool Leprechauns' who dropped into my home city in the 1960s, and the sinister figure of Spring-Heeled Jack, who haunted Victorian England. I am now working on 'UFOs, The Magonian Perspective', which is challenging, as it is making me think about things which I have taken for granted for years!

The range of topics is wide, and even Fortean old-timers should find them useful as a brief introduction to those phenomena with which they are unfamiliar. Here are my two titles, to get you started:

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