“We had sex with aliens”, ran a headline in the Metro, 21 January 2016. It featured two members of the Hybrid Baby Community, “a group of women claiming they have offspring by aliens, who live with their dads on spaceships.” Video game designer Aluna Venus, 23, of Los Angeles, was seduced by an ET, curiously, in a classroom with others watching: “All of a sudden, I’m sat next to this green reptilian creature and I’m so turned on looking at this being.” Next thing: “We’re making love in this classroom. Everyone turned their attention to us.”

She became the mother of three alien spawn. Bridget Nielsen, 27, of Arizona, has had no less then ten children who combine “the best of human alien characteristics.” She had experienced “the best sex I ever had.” Lest anyone doubt them, they were photographed holding drawings of their sprogs, though they could not produce the children themselves for inspection.

For Ufologists, this will not be news, though it might be for people who read free newspapers while commuting to work. What is perhaps surprising is how often, all through history, there have been reports of humans having sexual relations with otherworldly entities, though their nature varies considerably. What follows is a brief survey of such accounts, though I must apologise in advance for a few of them being cited from memory.

Read the full article by Gareth Medway HERE

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