6 March 2018


I am very sorry to have to say that Peter Rogerson, one of the founding rocks of Magonia, and a very dear friend, has passed away. He died peacefully in his sleep early this morning (6th March) in hospital in Manchester, after being unsuccessfully treated for throat cancer.
His first contribution to what became Magonia was a Letter to the Editor in the May-June 1969 issue of Merseyside UFO Bulletin. From then on he became a regular contributor to the Bulletin and its successor incarnations, providing a series of thoughtful and thought-provoking articles. He was also for most of that period our main book reviewer, and in the course of that built up a massive collection of UFO and Fortean books, which will now become part of the AFU library in Sweden. He will be missed greatly, and his contribution to the subjects we study cannot be overestimated.

I will write a little more about Peter soon, but in the meantime, you might like to browse through a collection of his articles in the Magonia archives:



Peter Booth said...

Sorry and really upset to hear this news John.

I first got to meet Peter in the early 1970s at meetings
of the DIGAP group in Manchester and subsequently became an early subscriber to Magonia.I always looked forward to reading Peter's reviews over all the years.

We exchanged a few friendly emails last year and he will greatly missed by many in the UFO community

Peter Booth

The Duke of Mendoza said...

Sad news indeed. His writing and his insight will be much missed. But we do have an extraordinary body of work by which to remember him. And one can be glad that he went peacefully, asleep.

Nick Redfern said...

Damn, that's very sad news :(

Jan Aldrich said...

A sad day indeed.

Jenny Randles said...

It was indeed a shock. But the bright side is that it will hopefully persuade a few of today's next generation of UFOlogists to read some of his writings that will have likely passed them by. He may be gone but his words are in the ether forever.

Magonia said...

Lovely comment Jenny, thank you. I will do what I can to conserve and promote his writings. JR.

Anonymous said...

I was never fortunate to know or meet Peter, but as a young UFOlogist in the 1980s his articles and reviews in Magonia opened up my eyes to a whole new and radical interpretation, linking Ufology, parapsychology and folklore. A man of real original vision and a subtle influence on my own approach the anomalous phenomena. He will be missed.

David Taylor