Readers of the Magonia blog will have noted the small panels that appear at the bottom of nearly every book review, allowing readers to click directly on to the Amazon website and order the book we have been discussing - usually at an advantageous rate. Whenever anyone does use this facility, your Editor receives a few pence commission for each book ordered.

I'm glad to say that readers do, from time to time, buy books this way, and I am grateful. (May I mention that having got onto the Amazon website through these links, you are perfectly free to go on to other sections of Amazon and order all your Christmas presents as well - many a mickle, as our Scottish friends say, makes a muckle.)

Now one of the interesting bits of information which I receive from Amazon, is not only what books have been bought, but also what books people have linked to but not bought. This in itself is quite interesting as it gives me some idea of the range of interests of Magonians (I had better point out at this moment that I only receive details of the books, I have no idea who is buying or linking to them).

Now here is where there is a bit of a mystery. There is one book which has been linked to far, far, more that any other. In fact over the last year it has been clicked on over a thousand times, although only four copies have actually been bought (thank you, whoever you are). This is the Extraterrestrial Answer Book: UFOs, Alien Abductions, and the Coming ET Presence, by one Jim Moroney, the Chairman of a Canadian UFO Group.

It's puzzling that one book should have so many more hits than any other, but even more puzzling is the fact that it is a book that has never appeared on the Magonia blog, book news or archive, and so has never had a convenient link to it! Can anyone explain what's going on?

Anyway, if you do want to check it (or even buy it), here's the link...


  1. A partial answer to this puzzling question may possibly be found on the MUFON site here:


    and here:


    It would seem the author has been attributing a quote (which is actually the generic quote the publisher has supplied to Amazon, and hence most likely one written by Moroney himself) to the Magonia Review, presumably because this lends it a certain weight of authority.

    I would hazard that, somewhere else on the net there is another version of this plug which does directly link to your review site, and that some potential readers of the book have followed the link in the hope of reading fuller review and, not finding it, have continued on to Amazon to look for it there.

    I find it hard to believe this is the whole answer, as I can't quite imagine that as many as 1,000 eager seekers after knowledge have followed this less-than-obvious path, but I do suspect that Moroney's false attribution of a quote to the Magonia Review probably does explain a lot.

  2. Somebody is monitoring what we buy or even what we are thinking of buying. It is either the official spies or, maybe, even the ETs themselves.

    By the way, have you wondered why, when there are so many zillions of secret documents now being released via Wikileaks, there never seem to be any on UFOs and the grand cover-up?

  3. Well its fairly obvious that it advertises itself as the Answer Book, so the curious are likely to check it out. Then, when noting from the blurb that it is likely to be cheesy, don't buy it.