I usually put details of new and forthcoming books over on our Book News blog, but this comes from fellow Magonian Nigel Watson who informs us that his book Alien Deception has just been Kindled, which apparently means that it's been published on one of these electronic gadgets, rather than ceremonially burned outside Canby City Hall by the UFO UpDates Collective. He writes:

"After being briefly published as a paperback messed around by or ignored by publishers The Alien Deception is now available for a mere £4.21 as an ebook on Kindle. It covers the history of the alien abduction phenomenon using the Betty and Barney Hill case as a stepping stone and the Magonian frame of reference as the guiding light. To US readers this means Lit. Crit. armchair ufology, to the rest of us it attempts to provide a finely tuned sociopsychological perspective on this 50-year-old enigma."

Here's the publisher's blurb: Since the 1960s thousands of people throughout the world have reported being abducted by aliens. They report being taken in broad daylight or at night. Some say they were simply looked at by seemingly alien beings, while others say they were horribly examined.

At times, after such encounters, the abductee has little conscious recollection of these events, and usually through nightmares, flashbacks and hypnosis they eventually learn more. Some abductees even believe they have been used as part of a breeding project to create hybrid alien/humans. Almost all are truly bewildered by their experiences.

Ultimately, alien abductions make us consider fundamental questions about our place in the universe and our future evolution as a species. Are abductions real events that have momentous consequences for the whole of humanity or are they the product of rumour, psychosis, hoaxes, media hype and sensationalism? Is there a grand Alien Deception manipulating our minds and our governments or are we deceiving ourselves?

Nigel Watson's groundbreaking exploration of alien abductions takes a comprehensive look at the reports by the earliest abductees (such as Betty and Barney Hill), right up to the latest encounters. Watson considers the possible historical, paranormal, extraterrestrial, psychological and media influences that might help explain the origin of these reports.

If you'd like to buy a copy of the Kindle version, click on this link:

There still seem to be a couple of the old-fashioned paper versions for sale as well, but looking at the prices asked these seem to be for very serious collectors indeed!:


  1. The book can be downloaded on Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android-based devices. I find it easy to download kindle books to your PC, then you can always print it off and burn it.

  2. Original idea indeed.
    If you do not like a book or article or indeed anything on the web, just print it off and burn it.
    As the saying goes, that really takes the biscuit!

  3. Ah, but you'd better not try that with the Koran!