4 April 2019


I have now put Peter Rogerson's INTCAT listings for 1981 to 1983 online, and you can read them here: 
These, and the following years' listings up to 1999 which I will place online later, were ones that Peter had been working on shortly before his tragic death just over a year ago, and they are not as complete as his listings for earlier years. However I have decided to go ahead and publish them as he left them, because they still contain a mass of information which will be of interest to researchers. I also want to place as much of Peter's work as possible into the public domain, as a tribute to all the valuable contribution he has made over the years in exploring the history of ufology and other anomalous phenomena, and making that work available to others.

If you are not familiar with Peter and all he has written for Magonia, please click on the 'Peter Rogerson' tab above.

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