Since the closure of Magonia magazine we have presented online a number of new pieces which would previously have been published as major articles in the magazine in its print format. To make these more accessible they will now be indexed here along with new stand-alone essays.

Some articles from the now defunct Magonia Wordpress website have also been transferred to the blog and indexed on this page.

The Bristol Vortex
Peter's exploration through the newspaper archives uncovers frightening Fortean phenomena in a Bristol hotel room.

The Butter Boggart of Old Lostock 
An isolated Lancashire cottage is haunted by a very peculiar poltergeist

The Last Witch of Warrington
A witchcraft trial in a nineteenth century industrial town in Lancashire

The Magonia Problem
David Halperin revisits Archbishop Agobard's observations on Magonia, and the philosophical problems in uncovers.

Manchester Mysteries
More ghostly reports hiding away in the back issues of the local press

Men in Black
Gareth Medway's catalogue of MIB accounts from 1924 to 2006

Orgies of the Gods
Randy Wraiths and Bonking Boggarts. Gareth Medway's on the case!

Pills and Poltegeists
Ghostly goings-on in the pill factory, and more weirdness in Warrington from Peter Rogerson

The Piri Reis Map
UFO pilots or Portuguese explorers, Gareth Medway looks for who's behind the Piri Reis map.

Slipped Discs
Gareth Medway reviews the facts behind the story of mysterious extraterrestrial contact in ancient Tibet.

To Philadephia and Beyond
Gareth Medway checks up on invisible ships and the Suicide Squad.

When Springheel Jack Wore Galoshes
Peter Rogerson uncovers flash mobs, phantoms and Men in Black in 1920s Warrington.

Why Are You Stalling?
Gareth Medway looks at what's holding up the traffic, from car-stop reports to Nazi death-rays!

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