10 April 2010


Just had to pass this on, from the Daily Telegraph, via UfologyinUK:

"A motorist fined for straying into a bus lane claimed he swerved to avoid a UFO, according to a list of bizarre excuses used by errant drivers.

"The man was given a £120 fine after being caught on camera veering into the bus lane to dodge a traffic queue.

"But instead of paying up the driver claimed that he was 'forced' to swerve into the bus lane to avoid an alien spaceship which was 'hurtling towards him' in Southwark, south London.

"He told parking appeals bosses that he would 'never normally' use a bus lane, but that he had to take 'avoidance action' to swerve the UFO.

"Parking chiefs rejected his appeal, telling him the camera did not catch the UFO, and forced him to stump up the fine."

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