16 January 2011


With thanks to Doug Skinner's marvellous John Keel Blog for giving a link to this delightful little number apparently issued to promote the release of Keel's eponymous book. Doug explains:
John Keel’s first book, Jadoo, was promoted in many ways: interviews, excerpts in magazines, and a Keel snake act in a Manhattan store window. There was also a song. I don’t know who wrote or performed it (and John didn’t remember); I don’t know if it was ever released or aired. But — now you can listen to it on YouTube.

Many thanks to Anthony Matt and Geoff Brady for restoring the scratchy 78; and to Angela Alverson for posting it.
The John Keel blog is full of fascinating material about one of Magonia's father-figures. I've added it to my 'Sites Worth Seeing' listing. Meanwhile mix yourself a very dry martini, sit back and listen to the smooth lounge stylings of the Jadoo Song:

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