20 March 2011


Barry E Taff. Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown Cosmic. Pantheon Press, 2010.

Dr Barry Taff, a former graduate associated of the late Thelma Moss at the UCLA's parapsychology laboratory, reports on a wide number of cases of anomalous phenomena that he has investigated.
If his claims are true he would appear to have encountered more paranormal phenomena than the combined membership of the SPR in its near 130 years of existence, including the famed 'Entity' case which was made into a novel by Frank de Felita, and a film.

He also reports on some UFO cases including a case of abduction and false pregnancy dating back to 1974. If there were actual contemporaneous evidence of this it would be very interesting, because it would suggest that the motive was out there in the community years before it was popularised by Budd Hopkins.

The cases reported here, if done so accurately, would defy just about any explanation, paranormal as much as normal, and bare more than a passing resemblance to the tales told by John Keel As with much of this literature the crux is on that "if". I must say there are some aspects of his claims that lead to caution, it is not just the sheer magnitude of the number of cases Taff claims to have investigated, but the dramatic quality of many of them, and the fact that a surprisingly large of them seem to revolve around attractive young or youngish women who remind him of well known actresses, and several of whom he dated. He also seems to have taken on board much of American ufolore, though not the claims of David Jacobs.

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