1 August 2012


The book review in the post below this, Influencing Machines, in its original version is from a large collection of older reviews, sent to me by Peter Rogerson, which have never been published previously in Magonia magazine or online. Peter is clearing out the haunted wing of his hard-drive prior to upgrading his computer equipment, and came across these pieces in a dusty file deep inside his machine.

Most of the earlier reviews were submitted for the print magazine but not used largely for reasons of space and in one or two cases consideration of possible libel. Some of the later ones fell into the interstices between closing down the print Magonia, and getting the Magonia Review blogs up and running. Although some of the reviews are for books published quite a few years ago, I think they are all titles which are still very relevant to the topics we cover in Magonia.

There are about seventy reviews, and starting tomorrow I shall be adding them to the Review Archive pages one a day over the next couple of months. So as well as reading the new reviews which will continue to appear on these pages, make sure to click across to the Review Archive regularly and read the articles appearing there. I'm sure you will find a lot of interesting material you haven't come across before, as well as many books you will want to add to your collections - using our quick and easy Amazon link, of course! -- JR

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