28 February 2015


Some of Magonia's more eagle-eyed readers might have noticed two small additions to our blog Home Page. Firstly the little tab just up above marked 'Feature Articles'. If you click on this you will find an index of articles which have been submitted to Magonia after the printed magazine ceased publication. Some were initially published on our old 'magonia.haaan' website, which is no longer being maintained, and they have been transferred here to ensure that they are again readily accessible. Some of the more recent pieces have been published already on this blog, but they are indexed here to enhance their visibility to readers.
I would like to point out that although this is largely a book review site, we are always very happy to receive contributions of articles on Magonian topics, such as would have been published in the old print magazine, and I hope this new link will help to give them greater prominence. Please contact us at magoniareview@gmail.com if you have any material you think might be of interest to us.

Also tucked away down the right-hand margin there is a little 'button' labelled 'More Magonia'. This links to several long pieces which were archived on our old site, but which were never published in the print magazine. I would particularly like to draw your attention to Kevin McClure's essay 'Visions of Bowmen and Angels' which examines the facts and myths behind the legend of the 'Angels of Mons', from the First World War. It is perhaps fitting to highlight this piece as we mark the centenary of that conflict.

There are a number of other pieces which will be added to 'More Magonia' in the future, but this will be an archive site, rather than for publishing new material which is the intention behind the 'Feature Articles' listing.

I hope readers find these links helpful, and continue to explore the wealth of articles and reviews which is available, completely free of charge, across Magonia Online.

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