12 July 2019


This month it is just 40 years since the last issue of MUFOB. Originally 'Merseyside UFO Bulletin', when the editors moved to the London area the name 'Metempirical UFO Bulletin' was dreamed up, but no-one ever really called it that. Eventually, with a nod to Jacques Vallee, and in recognition of the ever-widening scope of the magazine, it was re-named and reborn as 'Magonia'.
The very last MUFOB had a number of interesting articles, including reviews by Peter Rogerson and Roger Sandell (both desperately missed) of Vallee's most recent book, Messengers of Deception:

Peter also delved into the haunted wing of his massive library, to come out with a curious UFO-like abduction case from the 1940s. Beware the Motor-Zobop!

Doyen of American ufologists Allen Greenfield looked back over his own life in ufology in 'Confessions of a Ufologist', and asks "What are to we make of a belief system that spread from obscure events in World War Two all the way to Close Encounters?" 

Back in the UK, journalist Dirk van der Werff investigated a UFO contact case in Newcastle upon Tyne, where the UFOs seemed to appear by appointment:


purrlgurrl said...

All the links have dates of 2014, which isn't 40 years ago (I'm good at subtracting). Were these pieces re-run in the online magazine in 2014? Has it been only 5 years since Magonia magazine folded? It seems like it's been longer than that.

Magonia said...

These are the dates when the article was put online in the present format. The date of original magazine publication is shown when you click on to the article.