16 February 2009


Scrabbling through an envelope of old cuttings, I came across this little gem. It comes from the Sunday Sport, from some time in 1984 when my book Evidence for Alien Abductions was published. For the benefit of readers outside Britain, the Sunday Sport is the sort of sensational tabloid that makes the National Enquirer look like the New York Times on one of its more sober days.

Famed for headlines such as 'London bus found on the moon', the Sport has always shown an interest in the UFO topic, with stories in the nature of 'UFO turned my son into an olive' (yes, that was an actual 'story'!), and I wasn't too surprised when I was button-holed by one of their reporters during the interval of the BUFORA meeting which I was invited to speak at after my book was published.
I knew the Sport had form on this, so tried not to give too many hostages to fortune, but obviously slipped up on this. I presume the case referred to is the famous Tujunga Canyon case, investigated by Anne Druffel.

After grilling me for about five minutes the Sport's man announced "I've got to go and see a paedophile" and tore off out of the meeting room! Not a parting line I'd recommend to everyone!

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