28 May 2009


Your genial bloghost hasn't quite managed to push MPs' expenses claims off the front page of the Daily Telegraph, but has managed to get quoted a second time by that paper. (The first time was a couple of weeks ago when I suggested Tesco managers could be 'waterboarded' using a tea-towel and a couple of bottles of diet cream-soda, but that's a different story).
Under the heading 'Dozens report seeing UFO over Merseyside' I am quoted as saying that "it was a 'rule of thumb' that mysterious lights in the sky generally turn out to be floating Chinese lanterns". This is on the authority of me being a "Liverpool-born UFO expert" - obviously the best type there is.

Under normal circumstances I would say that I was misquoted, that this is an out-of-context sound-bite taken from a longer piece; that I spent a great deal of time explaining to the reporter that there are many varied and complex stimuli for UFO reports; and that I deplore this grotesque over-simplification of the detailed answer I gave.

But that is what I said, because it's true. OK?

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