7 March 2011


Time, I think, for another of our totally unscientific liitle polls. Over on Kevin Randle's excellent blog (http://kevinrandle.blogspot.com/) he has just concluded a poll on 'Disclosure' - governments coming out and admitting that UFOs are visiting the Earth and they know all about it. The results are interesting, with over 50% believing that disclosure won't happen 'for years'. Just 17% think that it is 'at hand' or will happen 'soon'.
However, the options that Kevin didn't offer in his poll were 'never', or 'nothing to disclose anyway'. Which is not surprising, as Kevin is a proponent of the ETH, although with a far more intelligent and nuanced view than most other proponents.

So I thought I'd put up my own poll, asking the questions Kevin didn't. I think there are three options:

  • UFOs are actual physical craft and at some unspecified point in the future this will be publicly admitted by world governments.

  • UFOs are actual physical craft but that this will never be admitted by government authorities.

  • 'Disclosure' will never happen because there is actually nothing to disclose.

  • OK, vote away. Remember what they say in Northern Ireland, Chicago and Tower Hamlets: Vote early and vote often!

    UPDATE: Kevin has now put up a revised version of the poll, asking the questions that are on the Magonia poll. It will be interesting to see how the results vary between our two blogs.

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    1. Kevin Randle is putting his opinion poll up again, with the same questions as yours. It will be interesting to compare replies.