16 June 2013


Len Kasten. Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel. Bear and Company, 2013.

If you are one of those lucky souls like me, who had never heard of this nonsense before, here is a brief synopsis. Hitler got power through the support of a secret Japanese cult in contact with the Reptilians, which allowed the Nazis to develop all sorts of secret weapons, that for some obscure reason they chose not to use to win the war.
Hitler survived with his secret weapons holed up in the Antarctic, ready to start another war. Because of these amazing secret weapons things looked hairy for the free world, until a group of rather friendly aliens, the EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) crashed at Roswell and other places. This led to contact with the Ebens, which eventually led to a group of US astronauts going on an exchange visit to the aliens’ world Serpo. Serpo is a sort of cosmic refugee camp, where the Ebens have fled since their home world due to volcanic action.

The 650,000 Ebens now live on Serpo, which is in the Zeta Reticulli system and has two stars. Though polite and charming, the Ebens actually live under a sort of Platonic dictatorship, governed by the ‘Supreme Council’ (as is usual in such places). Most of the population are kept in a low-tech state under police surveillance, and the nice Ebens go in for things like cloning. Don’t despair because some Ebens are beginning to dream of freedom and good ole’ Uncle Sam, having given freedom to Iraq, will soon give it to Serpo.

How do we know all this, well because of highly reliable information, in the form of - as is always the case in such matters - an anonymous emailer to ufologist Victor Martinez (who he? Ed.).
There it all is in a nutshell (or should that be nutcase). If you want more, fortunately you don’t have to pay for this stupid book, you can get the whole story on the 'official' Serpo website at 
Our editor asked me to review this book as he wondered if I could work out if there was some secret political agenda behind the scam. Sadly no, or if there is it is really well hidden. Perhaps it is some sort of complex game, or collective novel, or the outline for a script in the hope that Hollywood will take the bait, or maybe someone who wants to write a novel but lacks the talent for such niceties as plot, characterisation and dialogue. Or perhaps it is just that grand old liar Richard Doty again as suggested by the Reality Uncovered website: 
In the UFO hoax stakes this is still way below UMMO; the science fiction is derivative; the story is obvious rubbish, with absurdities such as humans actually being able to eat alien food. The society makes little sense as a source of advanced technology. If they think they can make a film out of this, I reckon that Steven Spielberg and the creators of Star Trek would both have a good case for plagiarism.

If you are the relative of anyone who believes in this crap, now is the time to get power of attorney over their money! -- Peter Rogerson.


Arcturus said...

Ouch, I followed this story back then... Anyway, the movie has already been done, it was called Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Right down to the supposed number of Americans travelling to wherever.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should actually read the book and do some actual research into the whole subject before you dismiss it as 'rubbish'. I think your review is rubbish and you're a fucking idiot to boot.

Terry the Censor said...

> do some actual research into the whole subject

Maybe you should follow your own advice.

In 2008, Bret Holman applied the updated HIPPARCHOS star data to the Marjorie Fish interpretation of the Betty Hill map. Turns out the stars identified by Fish, when put in their right places in the sky, don't bear any resemblance to the Hill map. Therefore, Zeta Reticuli is NOT the home system of the "men" Betty Hill says showed her the map. (See Holman's article “Goodbye, Zeta Reticuli,” Fortean Times 242, November 2008)

NO ONE claimed to communicate with Zetans before Fish's interpretation was published, only AFTER. Clearly, anyone pushing contact with inhabitants of the Zeta Reticuli system are opportunistic frauds or deluded persons.

Unknown said...

Len Kasten sites George Admski. You don't get anymore fraudulent than that.