25 April 2014


Over the last couple of months I have been reorganising the Magonia and MUFOB on-line archives, and hopefully putting them into a more accessible format, using the Blogspot templates that are used for this and other Magonia sites. I have also taken the opportunity to add a number of articles, editorials and columns that were not in the original archive. In the near future I shall also be re-posting some of the extra features that have been posted from time to time. The new format makes it possible to bring up all archived articles from any particular issue of Magonia and MUFOB, as well as all articles by a particular writer.
The sections which are now ready for use are an archive of the complete run of Magonia magazine (1979-2009) which you can find here:

 http://magoniamagazine.blogspot.co.uk/ This will be the main entry point into the revised archives. The other section is the archive of articles published in MUFOB (1974-1979) and from the original Merseyside UFO Bulletin (1968-1973). These can be accessed directly from:

Other articles and features, including the pre-MUFOB Merseyside UFO Research Group Bulletin, and articles by Kevin McClure are also accessible from this page. 

The Book Review archive is also being continually added to, providing a valuable source of opinion and information on books of Magonian and Fortean interest.

You will notice that the articles in the re-formatted archives are listed showing only the first paragraph of each one, with a ‘read more’ button to expand to the full article. This allows readers to scan a range of articles more easily, either by issue or by author. I would be interested to know if readers would feel this kind of layout would be helpful for the main Review of Books and Review Archive blogs. Feel free to leave comments using the ‘reply’ link below, and I would also welcome comments on the changes generally. I will not, unless asked specifically otherwise, publish these comments on-line.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through over forty year's worth of back issues! -- John Rimmer


George P. Hansen said...

Are PDFs of the full issues available?

George P. Hansen

Magonia said...

I may have some news about this in the near future. Keep watching. -- John Rimmer

cda said...

Am I right in thinking that the last Magonia in print was issue number 99?
I recall (so I believe) that you promised a final issue 100. Did it ever appear, and if not could it appear online? There is something about 99 not out (or half out) that upsets me.

Magonia said...

I originally planned that issue 100 would be a 'Best Of' compilation. However as I began to put more and more material from the magazine onto our electronic archive, and read through back issues to complete the archive (still an on-going process) I began to see that most Magonia articles did not exist in isolation, they grew and developed from other articles, letters, editorials and columns. A small selection taken from the magazine and preserved in print would be an inadequate record. I think I now regard this archive itself as being the legendary Magonia 100.

No doubt in the future, reports will come in of people seeing a tattered, well-thumbed copy of Magonia 100 for sale in an occult bookstore in some lost backstreet, or listed fleetingly on ebay. Let these rumours and phantoms arise, and who knows, one day, that flimsy volume may appear in some Fortean library, possibly in Arkham.