15 August 2020


Jim Bouck and Robert Long. Foreword by Kathleen Marden. Alien Abduction: The Control Factor. Schiffer Publishing. 2020.

This attempts to be a guide to the abduction phenomena and how to stop the aliens from messing up your life. It opens with this catchy little slogan ‘Don’t be a victim or a pawn; learn the alien ropes and then resist.’ But what the hell are the alien ropes? They are nothing more than the frightening visions of Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs and the rest of the US abduction propaganda merchants.
Their stories of implants, missing time, missing foetuses, screen memories, dreams, premonitions, nightmares, telepathy, precognition, medical procedures, transport through solid matter, amnesia, scoop marks, scars and the pesky grey aliens are all uncritically repeated. This anecdotal ‘evidence’ is in turn uncritically used to conclude that the aliens are here and work hand-in-tentacle with the US government on a mission to breed a new race of hybrids, who will no doubt inherit the Earth.

The authors have both worked for MUFON, and they are so fully indoctrinated into the abduction belief system that they even give credit to the Linda Cortile story and support the crazy notion that Nazi Germany reverse-engineered a crashed flying saucer during WW2. Even if that was true, the clue is that it allegedly crashed and was obviously not a war-winning piece of technology! We are told this alien technology was then passed on to the USA, where it brought about the crash at Roswell. Not a very resounding testimony to their flying saucer technology but over the decades they have perfected the art of abducting millions of US citizens inside their craft. Although here again their incompetence raises its ugly head - they return abductees to the wrong location, their ability to make abductees forget is very patchy, their medical examinations are stressful and with little specific purpose and even their implants have the tendency to fly out at the slightest cough yet have the ability to quickly dissolve before they can be properly examined.

These absurdities are accounted for by the speculation that the aliens use quantum physics to manipulate time and space to befuddle and control our poor human brains. However, their superior technology continues to have several flaws. The authors note that one of their abductees fooled the aliens by putting a trip wire in the doorway of his bedroom. That night when they visited, the first alien fell flat on his grey face and his two mates looked on in horror. This did not stop further alien visitations but it did make the abductee feel more in control and less scared of them. This is yet another indication of the profound stupidity in the literal belief in alien abductions. Hopkins et al have helped create an alien mythology of nasty greys that leads the unsuspecting into a mire of misery.

This book provides a snapshot of the ‘conventional’ nuts and bolts view of alien abductions that has little appreciation of other perspectives (and has several errors in it, at least four regarding the Villas Boas case). If you are a believer or abductee this might offer a bit more help than a tinfoil hat, but I would respectively suggest that buying into the alien abduction delusion mixed with fanciful government conspiracies and quantum physics plunges its victims into a vat of despair and paranoia (much like ufology itself). – Nigel Watson.

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