6 July 2024


Brian J. Allan. The Hole in the Sky, Flying Disk Press, 2024.

This presents a heady brew of UFOs, the Philadelphia and Rendlesham incidents, Rosslyn chapel, dowsing, leys, magic, fairies, angels, mediumship, shamanism, drug-induced trances, coincidences, the Bermuda Triangle, Skinwalker Ranch, poltergeists, Biblical codes. It’s the whole paranormal nine yards plus, that could easily fill any hole in the sky.
Allan contends that drugs, meditation, shamanistic and magical rituals or exposure to electromagnetic fields can induce altered states of consciousness which put us in contact with entities through these ‘doorways.’ These entities have been dubbed angels, ghosts, demons, extraterrestrials or ultraterrestrials depending on the context and interpretations made by the experiencers and the investigators.

As a historical example he notes that in 1581 John Dee was given a crystal stone by an angel called Uriel. Dee was unable to make much use of it, but his accomplice, Edward Kelley, was able to use it as a window to see ‘spiritual beings’ who taught him the Enochian language.

For a modern-day example, the experiences of John Martin are put forward. In the 1990s, Martin started seeing different sized spacecraft and small grey-type humanoids. He perceived that they lived in a domain ruled by a human-type king much like the structure of fairy kingdoms, and their silver spacecraft were sentient beings in their own right. He only saw these during a period when he suffered from lack of sleep and took amphetamines.

Window areas like Skinwalker Ranch, ley lines, prehistoric sites like Cairnpapple Hill near Bathgate, Scotland, stone circles and the like enable EM energy to be amplified and modified to form a world-wide communication network. Allan thinks that in the ancient past this technology was known to a select few and that it was used by Sir William Sinclair in the construction of Rosslyn chapel.

He goes on to speculate that a priest or shaman might have stood in the centre of a stone circle and allowed their own electrical field to meld with the pulsing energy of the stones that would transmit their thoughts and feelings to one or more human receivers Such sites could also be wormholes that are employed by ultraterrestrial types and all manner of other paranormal phenomena to enter our world/dimension.

Allan who was the editor of the online Phenomena Magazine, does a brilliant job of marshalling such diverse material together to prove that we are getting glimpses and visitations from beyond our own consensus reality. How ‘real’ these glimpses are is another matter that Allan leaves open for us to wonder about.

A short list of sources and references is given and Allan acknowledges his debt to the works of John Keel, Ted Holiday the author of The Goblin Universe and Alfred Watkins. I would add that The Dark Gods by Anthony Roberts and Geoff Gilbertson carried similar ideas about the ultraterrestrials back in 1980, and as with that book, The Hole in the Sky does make many assumptions based on flimsy evidence (need I mention Skinwalker Ranch).

If this book does stimulate you to look further I would recommend Hilary Evans’ Visions. Apparitions. Alien Visitors. A Comparative Study of the Entity Enigma published in 1984, reviewed by Kevin McClure at:
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