3 April 2011


Carol Rainey has now put online the second excerpt from the rough cut of her documentary 'Priests of High Strangeness'. She writes:

The ongoing series of excerpts focuses on the controversial research techniques used by some well-known alien abduction investigators. Their subjects certainly are having inexplicable and baffling experiences and the researchers do offer the therapeutic, healing benefits that come from any empathetic listener.
But what have we actually learned about the phenomenon? The how, the why, the who, the where, and the when of it all? Coming out of the humanities and the arts, the few researchers making the most lurid claims are simply extra- polating far beyond what their actual data or evidence can support. The tools used - primarily hypnotic memory retrieval - are also so unreliable that testimony based on hypnosis is not allowed in U.S. courts of law.

Linda Cortile, main subject of the book Witnessed, has stated on several occasions that 80-85% of her memories of alien abduction were retrieved during hypnosis sessions. Her interactions with investigator Budd Hopkins are at the heart of this 18 minute segment.

This segment looks at the obligation an abduction researcher has to ensure that his/her subject is trustworthy - starting with the factual details of his/her past and present life history as they are presented to the researcher over a period of many years.

It also suggests reasons why both researcher and subject, when their story is challenged, only redouble their efforts to speak with absolute authority about the soundness of the questioned case.

View the excerpt here:

The previous excerpt can be seen here: http://pelicanist.blogspot.com/2011/03/nature-of-some-abduction-researcher.html

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