6 August 2019


I have added a new article to the More Magonia website, which contains the 'long read' reviews and articles. David Sivier came across a semi-classic old volume, Richard Mooney's 1974 Granada paperback, Colony Earth. It caused him to reconsider some of the thinking behind the 'ancient astronaut' ideas, many of which are still circulating. He finds it all rather disturbing:
This is another book, which I picked up recently in a secondhand bookshop in Cheltenham. It's very much a product of time, the early '70s, when there was a spate of books following von Daniken's blockbuster Chariots of the Gods, as well as the growth of the New Age and Fortean counterculture. Mooney follows von Daniken in claiming that the deities of the world's religions were extraterrestrial space travellers and that their scriptures, myths and legends preserve memories of genuine, global ancient catastrophes. The blurb on the back cover gives a warning of some of the book's claims in the following questions: 
"What was the great catastrophe that the Bible calls the 'Flood'?Are the Egyptian pyramids giant air-raid shelters?Were the bearded 'White Gods' of the Incas survivors from a catastrophe across the Atlantic?Were the giant stone monuments of antiquity built with the aid of high explosives?"
To which the answer is obviously 'No'."

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