31 May 2021


Alan Steinfeld (editor) Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence. St Martin’s Essentials, 2021.

It is a useful warning to find this book is "dedicated to brave pioneers such as Budd Hopkins, John Mack, Whitley Strieber, Linda Moulton Howe, and many more..." There are chapters by them and Nick Pope, Grant Cameron and Mary Rodwell, showing this is a mixed bag of the bad and the ugly, that turn up in every mind-boggling and ditch-dull television documentary about UFOs.
In ‘Coast to Coast’ host George Noory’s foreword, he tells us this is the perfect book to tell us the reality of extraterrestrial existence and will prepare us for the day when official government disclosure gives us definite proof of alien bodies and their crashed saucers. Let us be honest this will never happen, no such things exist except in the glorious imaginations of ufologists who appear on television.

In his introduction, Alan notes that the chapters in this volume present a "multifaceted approach to the subject" that "represents (the thinking of) some of the most adventurous and perceptive people I have ever met; people not handicapped by ridicule, fear, or contradictory reports." Or reliance on hard facts either!

Lets look at these chapters one-by-one, starting with ‘The Investigators’.

In the first chapter, ‘Government Mindset and our Future Among the Stars’, Nick Pope shares his considerable inside knowledge gained from his time at the MOD to give an informed assessment of what is going on in the USA. I am not sure that gives him much insight, decades later, into the affairs of a country thousands of miles away. Fair does for milking so much out of so little though

Chapter two, ‘UFO Disclosure and the Theory of WOW’, is where Grant Cameron literally says there is a ‘wow’ factor. He believes if someone sees a UFO it is not by chance; every sighting and contact experience is intentionally planned. UFOs appear to selected witnesses to give them an insight into the bigger picture of reality. Well Cameron’s picture of reality anyway...

When we get to the third chapter, ‘Extraterrestrials and Multidemsional Nonlocal Reality’ we meet Dr. J. J. Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak who consider aliens to be higher spiritual beings and go on about wormholes, star gates and teleportation. A good combo of psycho and techno babble.

Leading us to the next section, which introduces us to ‘The Researchers'. Namely the late Professor John E. Mack and Linda Moulton Howe!

In chapter four, ‘Contact in the Implicate Order’. Howe says that during a 8-hour meeting with an un-named Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) official she was told there are three competing ET races involved in the evolution of humanity. ‘Un-named’ being the key to this revelation.

Things are no better in chapter five, ‘Studying Intrusions from the Subtle Realm: How Can We Deepen Our Knowledge?’ This is a previously unpublished essay by Dr Mack, who states “No case has revealed that behind the reported [alien] experience is some kind of strange depression, or child abuse, or something else.” That is only because any case of this type was deleted from his research and not regarded as a ‘true’ alien experience.

Next along are ‘The Abductees’, and firstly, in chapter 6, ‘The Return of the Visitors’ celebrity abductee Whitley Strieber - he of Communion - takes the word of the late Colonel Corso, and informs us we are being prepped for a new world if we can take it. I’d rather not, especially from Colonel (Everything was invented by Aliens) Corso.

In the next chapter the book’s editor Alan Steinfeld talks about ‘Extraordinary Actuality: My Journey to the Stars’ and gives us details of his alien abduction in 1987, and his hypnotic regression to that experience, and tells us how it has given him a deeper spiritual awareness. In chapter eight, ‘Something Moving’ Henrietta Weeks presents the dream-like, sensory nature of her abductions.

The book concludes by presenting us with ‘The Contactees’; and in chapter nine, ‘Telepathic Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence’, Darryl Anka writes about his forty-year-long mental communications with an extraterrestrial called Bashar who resides in an advanced civilisation 300 years in our future.

Contactee Mary Rodwell in chapter ten, entitled ‘Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage', writes about her belief that the aliens are involved in upgrading the human species with ‘star children.’ One hopes they become evolved enough not to need face masks or social distancing in the future. And we conclude our preparation for the ‘new realities’ with chapter eleven, ‘ET Lineages and Human Evolution’, where Carlene Cory talks with Alain Steinfeld about how she has embraced the ET mindset.

Steinfeld admits, “Right off I have to say none of this will make any sense until there is a suspension of a linear mechanistic view of reality.” Like, yeah man...’turn on, tune in, and drop out’ and you’ll be ready for them there UFO critters.

A useful handbook for UFO believers who think Disclosure with a capital D, is on its way. But their greatest challenge will not be embracing alien contact, but with coming to grips with the fact we have been seduced by a UFO mythology cultivated by popular media and UFO influencers (oh sorry, researchers and investigators). You mark my words... nothing to see here, well not in this linear reality. -- Nigel Watson.


diotima said...

A review by someone less of a very hardcore sceptic on ufo's/. Et's than Nigel Watson would have been far more informative, especially from a publication professing to be an organ of serious commentary on non-conventional topics!
Such breathtaking narrow minded arrogance from this reviewer is seriously disappointing and unworthy of Magonia's usually fair and thoughtful book reviews.

diotima said...

Unhelpful, hopelessly inadequate commentary

Nigel said...

Thanks for your disdainful comments, but what do you disagree with?

diotima said...

Just about all of it, but specifically the way you dismiss all so called ufo '' influencers'' and commentators and experiencers as deluded. You elude to all their lack of hard facts, but give none of your own in your rebuttal, apparently believing it is sufficient to simply state, somewhat disdainfully, that' obviously'they must all be fakers or nutters. Not constructive at all.
I challenge you to read any of the books of British experiencer Paul Sinclair, especially his recent biographical book, 'Night People' then attempt to review it in the same way you reviewed this book.

Nigel said...

I did not call anyone a faker or a nutter. I have great respect for those who report UFO experiences and encounters. What I do dislike are the uncritical UFO influencers who use UFO accounts to peddle their own crack pot theories and beliefs. They grandstand about alien visitors and magical technology based on very little hard evidence. For donkeys years apologists for UFO belief have said look at all possibilities and be open indeed, yet if anything other than an exotic theory is put forward they become very close minded and quick to dismiss any mundane explanation. I think diotima should read my book Captured by Aliens?

diotima said...

You may not have used the specific words, fakers or nutters, but phrases such as '' peddle their own crackpot theories and beliefs '' sounds essentially the same to me. It's difficult to accept you respect experiencers when your second paragraph baldly states that no such thing as ufo's exist. You complain of a lack of open mindedness, but display none yourself. I'm personally open minded as to the nature of the phenomenon whilst concluding based on a lifetime of reading and experiencing myself, that the existence of the phenomenon is evidenced beyond your so called mundane explanation. In short, neither I nor anyone appears to have the answer, but the veracity of the question is beyond doubt.

Nigel said...

You can have unusual experiences of all types, that does not prove aliens are contacting you or other people. There can be all sorts of reasons - exotic and mundane - and that is why I don't like this book because it pushes the ET agenda with a load of new age mumble jumbo.

I could go on but I don't think you are open minded enough to accept my viewpoint.

diotima said...

Sorry for the delay , been away. Just read your latest piece of anti-''ET Agenda''bigotry in your review of ''Lost In An Escher Painting''

I could go on but I know you're too closed minded to reasonably consider anyone's viewpoint but your own.

Terry the Censor said...

As I’ve noted elsewhere, fringe investigators could make use of these three logical, respectable reasons for their decades of failing to prove their theories:

1) the evidence for the phenonemon sucks
2) our investigation of the phenomenon sucks
3) our explanation of the phenomenon sucks

But, instead, they grab at an illogical reason for their shortcomings:

4) the people who aren’t persuaded by our terrible findings, they suck

Was it Hynek or Popper who said, "Whining about meanies is not part of the scientific process"?