13 August 2021


Kevin D. Randle. UFOs and the Deep State, a History of the Military and Government’s War Against the Truth. New Page Books, 2021.

Kevin Randle’s blog A Different Perspective often provides a sensible and sober appraisal of the UFO scene, and this book in a similar vein is a very good guide to the involvement of the U.S. military and secret agencies with ufology. I should warn readers that he begins with Roswell and trundles along neatly through the various studies and projects that the U.S. ran and winds up at Rendlesham Forest. 
Regarding the former, he denies the Project Mogul balloon explanation and is of the opinion that the Deep State could well have got involved in covering-up this incident. He notes that nearly everyone involved in the flying saucer retrieval or who viewed alien bodies were transferred far and wide by September 1947 and were sworn to secrecy.

He recounts how the military tried coping with the new phenomenon of flying saucers and at one stage they even considered they could be of an extraterrestrial origin. Like the UAPs of today everyone was in a flap and no one had a clue what it all meant. It is not surprising that when no solid, objective evidence was found that it was better to concentrate on the Cold War rather than on fantasies about little green men.

Rather than what Kevin calls the ‘war against truth’ it was more a war against ufologists who poked their noses where they shouldn’t belong such as Area 51, or Kirtland Air Force Base where Paul Bennewitz was manipulated by Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AUFOIS) agent Richard Doty. Linda Moulton Howe was also promised detailed UFO evidence by Doty that never transpired.

Much of this has already been covered in Messengers of Deception and Saucers Spooks and Kooks but it is still quite shocking how the U.S. used and abused people to keep state secrets. Mainly, it seems cover-ups were used to hide their own activities with the ‘UFO’ cloak, rather than vice versa.

Throughout this book Kevin Randle believes there is a Deep State operating in the shadows controlling everything. There is no more evidence of that than there is for an alien mothership or scoutcraft. In this manner Kevin is influenced by what Gorightly calls the Chapel Perilous, where everything confirms our own particular line of research or viewpoint.

Even if there is or was a Deep State operating to hide the truth about aliens invading our planet they have done a pretty rubbish job of it. In the case of Rendlesham it was U.S. personnel that blabbed about it and got it on the front page of the News of the World, and it was the U.S. that released further details about it through freedom of information requests. And, why would they allow this book to be published? They obviously don’t have a very firm grip on the situation! And that’s all my CIA handler will let me say. 
  • Nigel Watson.


John Steiger said...

Kevin Randle's latest book UFOs and the Deep State is well worth reading. The only thing shallow about it is Mr. Watson's review.

Nigel said...

Nice to have constructive feedback.